A letter from SURJ co-founders on #NationalComingOutDay

On this National Coming Out Day and all the celebrations it entails, our mood is somber as the Supreme Court make-up threatens hard won LGBTQ equity. We are STILL fighting for basic human rights for queer and transgender people.

With this threat, our…

The word crisis comes from the ancient Greek word that means “turning point” deriving from the verb which means “to decide.” Crises come when we reach a breaking point, and we have to make a choice as to which path we will take. The current crisis we are in exposes…

The rise of Federal repression in Portland, OR shows that our actions and movement work for Black Lives have Trump and the Right afraid. The powerful uprisings led by Black Lives Matter protestors in Portland, OR and across the nation have shifted public consciousness around the destructive role of police…

Showing Up for Racial Justice

SURJ is a national network that organizes white communities to join fights for racial and economic justice.

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